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Artist Elite Comics: PRIMER RED - Bluerainbow Exclusive Virgin Cover


VIRGIN: Limited Edition of 100

TRADE: Limited Edition of 200


Artist Elite Primer Red is a special preview issue containing 4 pages of sketches, concepts & more featuring the following artist’s new characters:


Alan Quah - Mecha Girl

Ben Templesmith - Darkskulls

Brett Booth - Lost Serpent Prince

Ryan Kincaid - Seraph and the Seven

Paolo Pantalena - Obina

Sorah Suhng - Karnal Confessions


Primer Red will connect with Primer Blue


Don't miss this EPIC PRIMER ISSUE with a preview of what's to come from Artist Elite Publishing!

Artist Elite Comics: PRIMER RED SET - Bluerainbow Exclusive Virgin & Trade Cover

  • Production of this product begins June 1st. 

    Books will be shipped from Bluerainbow Online when they first become available.

    Please Note: Due to congestion in the global supply chain, production and delivery may be later than originally anticipated. We ask for patience as the entire comic book industry is making new content in this new environment. For any concerns, please contact us directly via the webform. Thank you!

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